Stadiums and Events

After a concert, festival, or big game, the cleanup crew spends hours collecting left-behind trash and litter. Invest in BagAlong to make their job faster and more efficient! 

Using Your BagAlong Is Easy

Simple Instructions for BagAlong:

Release the latch and take out the inner ring. Open the top of any trash bag or liner (kitchen, contractor, recycling, etc.) and fold it five inches over the inner ring and insert it back into the outer ring. Fasten the latch on the outer ring to secure the trash bag. Throw the orange strap over one shoulder and attach the belt clip to a belt or waistband. Simple, convenient, and hassle-free. 

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Customer Review: 

"This product does everything it claims to. If you do any kind of regular trash pick up, it increases your efficiency 10-fold."  -Harry