Large Cleanups

Large cleanups take a lot of people – and effort. But, you can improve the experience AND save time by choosing BagAlong for your cleanup. BagAlong is perfect for covering a lot of ground and conveniently bagging trash and litter. Wrestling to keep the trash bag open is a thing of the past!

Easy and Convenient For:

  • Highway and Other Municipal Crews
  • Stadium and Event Venue Cleanups
  • Volunteer and Service-Oriented Cleanups



Using Your BagAlong Is Easy

Simple Instructions for BagAlong:

Release the latch and take out the inner ring. Open the top of any trash bag or liner (kitchen, contractor, recycling, etc.) and fold it five inches over the inner ring and insert it back into the outer ring. Fasten the latch on the outer ring to secure the trash bag. Throw the orange strap over one shoulder and attach the belt clip to a belt or waistband. Simple, convenient, and hassle-free. 

Watch Instructions Video


Customer Review:
"Was looking for something that made it easier for when we do cleanups around our community. Easy to use and definitely helped keep my back from hurting. Buying more for our volunteers." - Tina